Why Hair Transplantation

Why Hair Transplantation?

Hair transplantation is literally the only permanent solution to hair loss. Permanent hair follicles are excised from the donor area (the area at the back and sides of your head genetically immune to loss) and transplanted to the required areas. Because these follicles are genetically permanent the results are permanent . It is extremely important that you select a physician with experience and the artistic ability to mimic nature.


The Hair team of physicians provide all patients with access to the most advanced and developed techniques in the world - achieving a   seamless transition from a silky irregular frontal hair line to significant density through the frontal forelock through to the crown. Subject to your donor area procedures of up to 5000 follicular unit grafts are able to be transplanted in one procedure resulting in not only a permanent natural frontal hair lines but also noticeable density and coverage through to the crown.Individual follicles have anywhere from 1 hairs to 4 hairs with frontal hair lines established with 1 hair follicles and the 2,3 and 4 hairs follicles used to establish density as one transplants further towards the crown.

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Subject to the stage of hair loss you are at our doctors may recommend preventative medication, laser combs or topical solutions to help retain your existing non transplanted hair.


Hair transplantation requires meticulous precision through the excising , harvesting and transplanting process to ensure a high survival rate of your follicles. Furthermore, it is extremely important that your physician has the necessary experience and artistic ability to transplant your follicles not only in the direction that your natural hair grows but also with the degree of irregularity that hair requires to look natural. Unlike wigs or toupees hair transplantation is a natural process whereby your own hair is moved from one part of the scalp to another.

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