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Hair Transplant International was established in 1997 to offer ethical , informed and individualised assessments and hair loss treatment options to patients who required help in knowing what to do and where to go in relation to their hair loss.


HTI specialise in assessing the degree and type of hair loss and then providing patients with all the relevant information with regards to the type of procedure or treatment most suitable . Once a patients requirements have been assessed , they are then provided with access to the most suitable doctors for each individual case.

Regardless of the stage or severity of your hair loss, HTI will always have the relevant solution, whether it be Hair Transplant surgery or Non-Surgical options and will always have options to match your budget.


Hair Transplant International invite you to make an appointment to have your hair loss assessed.

Speak to our team  to schedule your complimentary , no obligation consultation.



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We will assess your requirements, suitability & provide the options available to suit your budget.

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