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Body Hair Transplantation

Whereas nearly all hair transplant procedures use donor hairs from the scalp, in the occasional patient who either has a need for a large number of grafts beyond what the scalp can provide, or has had prior hair transplant work that has extracted most if not all of the available scalp donor hairs, body hair transplantation can provide a whole new source of hairs.


These body hairs are most commonly from the chest, beard and or back, which once transplanted into the scalp (or eyebrows) will start to grow like normal body hair in texture and other characteristics, including continuing to grow as if they were always on the scalp. One common area where these grafts are placed can be old donor site scars, helping to reduce their visibility.

"BHT" for treating male pattern hair loss is a HIGHLY refined and challenging technique, for the body hairs can be very difficult to extract in certain patients. The best areas for these donor hairs are the beard and chest. In one of these procedures, anywhere from 500 to 4000 body hair grafts can be extracted in one, occasionally two, days. These grafts, most containing one or two hairs, are carefully extracted using FUE techniques that we have developed, one at a time, from the back, chest, abdomen, and or beard.


Because of the sensitivity of the chest in particular when extracting grafts, some patients will choose to have their procedure performed under twilight sedation, supervised by our own anesthesiologist/anesthetist. Once extracted, these grafts need to be further refined under the microscope to remove excess fat and or skin to assure the most aesthetic results, These hairs are then transplanted into the scalp into carefully made recipient sites made by Dr. Tunio. Sometimes these grafts can go into old donor site scars, where they can reduce their visibility.

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