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"With access to internationally acclaimed doctors in Australia and around the world, Hair Transplant International will find the right hair transplant procedure for you".

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Hair Transplant International provide access to some of the global leaders in the field of hair transplant surgery. Collectively with over 50 years experience ,The HTI panel of doctors are internationally acclaimed as some of the the very best in their respective fields.Whether you require or prefer FUT or FUE or whether you require a beard transplant or your eyebrows transplanted, we have the technique and doctor for you. Catering to both men and women , Hair Transplant International will help match your requirements and budget with the right hair transplant specialist.

Providing access to the most advanced and highly developed techniques in hair transplant surgery and with over 25,000 successful procedures the Hair Restoration International panel of doctors offer a level of expertise and experience that very few are able to match.

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"Words can't describe how the doctors at HTI have changed my life. I now have a lot more confidence."


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“My hair loss was really affecting my cricket .My new hair has changed all that . Thank you.”

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“ I have so much more confidence . It’s been a fantastic experience and changed my life “

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“ I’m ecstatics with my results . I wish I had done this 5 years earlier”

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“ I now feel like a 20 year old now. My whole spirit has skyrocketed. I’m so happy”

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“ I now have my confidence and am very happy with my results “

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“ This has been brilliant. The alignment and direction of my new hair is just fantastic”

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Hair transplantation patients respond differently to treatment , with factors such as the density of the donors site varying from patient to patient and as a result expectation levels need to be realistically discussed with your consultant . Furthermore, quality of your skin , blood supply which can be impacted by illness such as high cholesterol , diabetes and sun damaged skin can all contribute to  in a variance in results. However, “The HTI Guarantee ” provides the peace of mind that should any graft not grow it will be replaced free of charge , providing the following terms and conditions are met:

  1. There had been a period of no less than 12 months since your procedure by a HTI physician

  2. You have not undergone another hair restoration procedure other than performed by a HTI physician

  3. You have complied with all post operative instructions and attended all you post operative reviews and consultations at a HTI clinic

  4. A HTI physician has assessed your results and determined the number of grafts to be replaced if any

  5. You have not been deemed as “not suitable “for a HTI hair transplant procedure by a HTI physician for any medical reason including but not limited to, non-disclosure of relevant medical history, inadequate donor area, a lack of elasticity of the scalp tissue, badly sun damaged skin or prohibitive skin disorders.

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