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I am pleased to be able to announce that with the borders now open between Brisbane and Perth , that all our Perth based clients wishing to undergo an FUE hair transplant procedure In Australia , now have access to our Brisbane clinic. 


With over 50 years experience and 75 clinics world wide , all potential clients have the peace of mind of knowing that they now have access to Australia’s most experienced FUE clinic .


With no linear scar , no stitches , no scalpels and no drill bits , the manual FUE procedure is less invasive than a tattoo. With faster recovery and with the ability to transplant a 100 hairs per square centimetre , the Manual FUE  technique delivers no visible scarring and significantly higher density than traditional strip surgery . With over a 97% survival rate of transplanted follicles , patients not only enjoy a drastic improvement in density and coverage but also have the peace of mind of little to no transection of harvested follicles through the donor site .


If you are considering a hair transplant procedure , we would encourage you to call Rehan on 0434 746 400 to have your requirements and suitability for an FUE procedure assessed .


Just have a look at Shane and Alex’s results following FUE procedures of between 2200 grafts and 3000 grafts.

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